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Rated one of the Top 3 Marriage Counselors

in Cleveland, Ohio!

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 Happy New Year! Welcome to Able Counseling!  

Female counselor providing therapy to woman         African American Mother with Daughter    Upset couple in therapy session Man supervising toddler boy playingAbel Oriri, President of Abel Counseling and Associates     

Hello & Welcome, 

 I'm truly humbled and excited that my practice is rated among the best 3 counseling practices in Cleveland (2019). We serve all ages.  Please share this good news and invite family and friends to experience our successful individual, couple, family and group counseling & EAP services. Inform the rest of our Physical & behavioral health services for children & young adults.  Our medical director, Dr. Akari Tichavakunda,MD's practice is limited  to children to young adults' mental and physical health.  

You can visit the website (https://www.able-counseling.com) for more information.  Our Clinicians are available 24/7 to care for critical incidents (216-291-8817)! We accept most of medical insurance plans including Medicaid!

Able counseling has more than 25 years of experience, resolving psychological or emotional problems at home and workplace!  Share the news! Thank you.



Abel Oriri, President