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Due to COVID-19 impact on mental health, the online for sessions via Zoom, phone, or Office is available ( Call 216-291-8817), or register online today www.able-counseling.com. The counselors # TALK or leave a message on the extensions! (if an emergency, call 911)
Abel Oriri #1
April Ballard # 2
Jackie Corrigan # 3
Samuel Kisner #4
Quaneisha Murphy # 8
Katura Scott # 7
Sharon Hummer # 5
Shawnee Tucker # 6 (Student Learning Issues)

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Good News!

Our therapists deliver counseling via Teletherapy ( Zoom, phone, or text). Register www.able-counseling.com, make an appointment today by dialing 216-291-8817 "We help you solve tough emotional or psychological problems!"

Female counselor providing therapy to woman African American Mother with Daughter Upset couple in therapy session Man supervising toddler boy playing Abel Oriri, President of Abel Counseling and Associates

Welcome to Able Counseling!

Our Clinicians are excited to welcome you to our conveniently located Downtown Cleveland (850 Euclid Avenue Ste# 850) and University heights (14100 Cedar Rd Ste#290!) Able Counseling is rated among the best three counseling practices in Cleveland (2019). Please share this good news and invite family and friends to explore Individual, Couple, Family and Group Therapy, Employee Assistance (EAP), Coaching & Training Services. Medical Referrals available to children & young adults with mental and physical health needs.

Visit the website ( https://www.able-counseling.com ) for extra information. Clinicians are available 24/7 in cases of critical incidents! We accept most of the medical insurance plans, including Medicaid!

Able counseling has more than 25 years of experience, resolving psychological or emotional problems at home and workplace! Share the news! Thank you. Please see our service fees below that we bill your insurance (a sliding scale is available for non-insured clients)

  • Initial Assessment (First Appointment) $180.00 (90791)
  • Individual Psychotherapy (50 min) $120.00 (90834)
  • Individual Psychotherapy (60 to 90 min) $180.00 (90837)
  • Family Psychotherapy $180.00 (90846, 90847)
  • Group Psychotherapy (varies 90849)
  • Health & Behavior Intervention (per 15 minutes) $45.00 (96152)
  • Critical Incident Response Services & Trainings is billable time $ 300 per hour including travel time.
  • Groups (50 to 90 minutes) depends on the design, children’s groups are of shorter duration, about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Group Therapy $40.00 – $70.00 (CPT 90853)
  • Family/Couples Psychotherapy (50 min) $ 180.00 (90847)
  • Health & Behavior Intervention (per 15 minutes) is $50.00 (96153, 96154)
  • Fees for Expert testimony is billable per clinical hours include, travel time, preparation with the attorneys, and testimony in court.
  • Expert Testimony is billable at $ 250.00/hour
  • We take accept most of the Insurance Plans including medicaid