Certified BWC Therapists for Injuries at Work!

Injured worker going through Physical Therapy

A certified BWC Injured Worker does not need a referral to receive counseling!  Register here to start your counseling at no cost to you!

Are you an Injured Worker? Feeling depressed, anxious, sleepless, lonely, angry, emotionally empty from  pain from your injury? We can help!   Able Counseling & Associates, Inc is BWC certified to treat workers injuries in the State of Ohio and BWC  pays 100% !  Injured Workers are Welcome. You do not need a Referral to see a BWC certified psychological counselor/ therapist. As an injured worker in the state of Ohio, you, the patient, have the right to choose which BWC certified clinician  to treat your injury. You don't need a referral from anyone other than yourself to come and see us. Ohio BWC allows more than one doctor treat the injured worker’s condition An injured worker needs to have the main doctor who is referred to A “Physician of Record” or POR. He or she will be the one that files all of the necessary paperwork for you, such as your temporary total disability forms, which is the form that helps, get paid for the missed work, and your C9’s which is the treatment requests forms. But if, for example, your POR may be still giving you medications and counseling is recommended or not feeling better with medication alone, you can still see another doctor or clinician simultaneously such as a BWC certified mental health clinician to try and properly treat the condition. 

You don’t need to “switch” doctors! You can keep your existing doctor! You can still get care in our office and keep your existing doctor. Remember, no referral is necessary; you can just fill out your secure information below  or call us up right now (216-291-8817 or [email protected].) You can begin your road to recovery on your very first visit by  signing up and Intake forms are also available to get started at the bottom of this page. Thank you!