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Group Therapy (Children, Adult & Parenting & Anger management)

Certificate of completion is available for court ordered or management referrals


 Parenting Classes: Available  for Court, Legal, Divorcing or Blended Families

Welcome to the Able Counseling Parenting Classes. We are most comprehensive, nationally recognized onsite and online parenting class. If you are in need of a parenting or co-parenting class, onsite are available classes are available in Cleveland (850 Euclid Avenue suite 425 Cleveland OH 44114(downtown)and 14100 Cedar Road #190 University Heights OH 44121 and Online Parent Class is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any Internet-based computer! We welcome a single parent, married couple, blended family, or going through a divorce, finding and attending a live parenting class can be time consuming and inconvenient. All participants receive an official “Certificate of Completion” after completing at least 8 classes!


Downtown Cleveland (858 Euclid#425): Wednesdays: 5.00 PM ---- 6.00 PM 

University Heights(144100 Cedar Rd# 190): Tuesdays: 12.00 PM to I.00 PM & 3PM to 4.00 PM


Online Classes:

There are moments when it is difficult to attend an onsite parenting class due to a busy schedule and other factors in life. The online class will allow you learn the same parenting tools necessary to be an effective parent.This course is ideal for court, legal, divorce, separation, mediation and personal growth concerns but you must check if your program will accept online or wants to come to our site physically!


Your Insurance plans are welcome and if not you, must come with $ 30.00 per class.

The Expected Outcome:


  • Healthy Communication for Parents
  • Effective Stress Management Skills
  • .Effective Anger and Improved Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Developing & Adapting  Effective Parenting Styles
  • Establishing Boundary and Limit Setting
  • Healthy Co-parenting Teamwork/Challenges
  • Developing and Implementing Co-parenting plan
  • Understand the Role of Step-family Dynamics
  • Constructive Ways to Reward and Discipline Children
  • Ways to Avoiding Parenting Mistakes

 PARENTING GROUP  (call 216-291-8817)
coming soon!!!!!!!
Anger management for Teens 
Do you struggle with your teenage son or daughter’s behavior? Is the behavior affecting academic performance or normal functioning? This 10 week group for boys and girls that will help you address issues and start your child on the road to success
Self Esteem
Do you have trouble saying "no"? Do you feel selfish when you care for yourself? Boundaries help us know what we are and are not responsible for. Through the leadership of Abel Oriri LPCC and you’ll learn biblically based principles for setting boundaries with others and with yourself.
This 10-week group for boys and girls ages 8-12 will teach skills for coping with ADD/ADHD and address issues of self-esteem. Leaders ACA Team. Children will be given the opportunity to share their feelings about themselves and how others see and respond to them.
.Boys Winners’ Club
A 10-week group for boys who have been victims of sexual abuse. Through games and discussion, the boys will be empowered and learn to cope with their trauma .ACA Team
This ongoing therapy group for women is for those struggling with depression, anxiety, grief or other issues associated with every day life. Led by ACA Team. 
We also offer groups that are tailored to meet company, church, institution needs. You're welcomed to indicate topics of your interest. Some topics that have been successful in the past include:
·        Anger Management
·        Stress Management
·        Career Direction
·        Boundaries
·        Communication and Conflict Resolution
·        Building Healthy Relationships
·        Singles' Relationship Issues
·        Addictions in the Family or Workplace  
·        Sexual Abuse Recovery
·        Recovery from Trauma