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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

Gambling/Addiction Problems

Having Gambling Or AddictionProblems?

Are you worried that you, or someone you know, might have a problem with gambling? If this problem is negatively affecting their lives, they may be suffering from Gambling Compulsion. We can help! Able Counseling & Associates can assist you or your loved ones to overcome the problem of gambling!

Gambling compulsion is a progressive illness and may only get worse over time!

 Signs of Gambling Compulsion
·        A preoccupation with gambling ·        Significant time spent gambling or in activities related to gambling

·        Hiding gambling activities from significant others ·        Reliving memories of gambling

·        Problems with money/ finances ·        Interference in relationships

·        Impairment in career ·        Borrowing money to support their habit or cover their debts

·        Committing crimes, such as stealing or fraud, in order to gamble ·        Feelings of guilt, hopelessness or depression

 If above signs sound familiar, please remember: EARLY INTERVENTION IS KEY.

The best thing that you can do for your loved one is to encourage them to get professional help!

At Able Counseling & Associates, we use a supportive and nonjudgmental model to help those, and their families, suffering from this illness. We seek to provide the individual treatment that works best for each person. Examples of such models include psychotherapy, skills training, support groups or even medication. Call us today or register here online to start your recovery or refer other who may be in need of help.


Brief description of the Gambling Program:

1) We conduct an in-depth assessment of the gambling history, severity, triggers, and signs of relapse.

2) We Screen for co-occurring mental health challenges through psychosocial assessment and psychiatric evaluation and addresses mental health problems through therapy and teaching of coping skills, communication skills, motivation for change, emotion regulation, impulse control, reducing procrastination, and anger management

 3) Our clinians offer education on the brain and body effects of gambling addiction, codependency, and assistance handling financial and legal problem 

4) We introduce the 12-Steps of Gamblers’ Anonymous and SMART Recovery with emphasis on medical management


Please register online or call   216-291-8817 or 216-337-5842 for appoitment!
Cleveland ( Downtown) Office Address:  
850 Euclid Avenue Suite 425
Cleveland Ohio 44114




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