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A  21st Centuary Leading Employee Assistance Program Provider


What Is EAP?

An EAP is arrangement of variety of services between a corporation, academic institution or government agency and the providing agency that resolve employee’s problems and maintain wellness. EAPs are aimed at work-related difficulties and to help employees with problems that originate outside the workplace especially when such troubles impact work attendance or on-the-job performance.


The EAP was conceptualized in the 1970s with focus on reducing substance abuse and intoxication in the workplace. Since that time, EAPs have evolved to address a variety of issues such as marital problems, depression, anger management, anxiety and physical illness. EAPs provide day care for children of employees and elder care for parents of employees. Legal and financial assistance may also be available.


All EAP consultations and referrals are confidential and the services are provided at no cost. An employer with an established EAP can often attract and keep better talent than an otherwise similar employer without an EAP.




A licensed counselor can apply to become a contracted Service Provider for EXCELLENT Employee Assistance Group, please review and complete the following steps:


EXCELLENT CARE Providers’ requirements are as follows:


 State Licensure as a Doctorate or Master’s level Psychologist, Social Worker, or Counselor

Certified Addiction Counselors and/or DOT Substance Abuse Professional

Have in effect a minimum of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 malpractice liability insurance coverage


Please complete and sign the Service Provider Application (Click here for Service Provider Application) and include a copy of:


Professional Liability Insurance Face Sheet

State License Registration with Expiration Date

Certification with Expiration Date

Your resume

These items can be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to our corporate office:



14100 Cedar Road Suite 190

University Heights 44121

Fax: 216-291-8827

E-mail: providers@excellenteap.com



The Referral is a formal process to correct unacceptable employee performance.  When a manager is concerned and/or confront an employee with performance problem, Human Resources Department can refer the employee for counseling. Employers will find this program to employees very beneficial and research reveals the overwhelming benefits to the employee and the management.


 Referral Program is a formal process that addresses unacceptable performance and documents corrective action. Our counselors are highly trained with experience in managing these challenges that are potentially dangerous to the employee, and in general too volatile, sensitive, or troubling to be handled by  front line supervisors to handle.  Our consultants work closely and collaboratively with Human Resource Department to resolve most problems. The intervention tends to successfully rehabilitate the employee’s performance and rarely results in dismissal. Drug Free Workplace and DOT Compliance Program


Majority of employers maintain the value a drug free workplace therefore requires drug free workplace compliance and offer the following: a Drug Free Workplace policy, conducting drug and alcohol awareness training, and provide treatment options for employees abusing drugs in the workplace. We  assist in the development of a comprehensive program.


The Omnibus Transportation Testing Act mandates alcohol and drug testing for “safety-sensitive” employees in the transportation and pipeline industries. Our entire program is available to client organizations via the Internet, where employers have access to up-to-date policies and procedures. There are links to all necessary resources, including drug testing sites and substance abuse professionals. In addition, we include the online training programs needed to ensure that managers and supervisors meet federal training requirements.







EXCELLENT CARE EAP is providing answers to the 21st century workplace challenges

As workforce is aging with one-third of the workforce is between the ages of 45 and 64, and the choices these older you can count on EXCELLENT EAP to help you retain and unleash young talent

EXCELLENT CARE EAP understands that workforce demographics in combination with a strong economy is creating the most competitive labor market in a generation, adding to labor and skill shortages.

EXCELLENT CARE EAP is aware that Technology is creating and opening up new possibilities as to where, when and how we work

EXCELLENT CARE EAP is concerned of the rising pension and health benefits that is putting the employers to invent newer and cost effective methods of doing business without jeopardizing employee recruitment, retention and engagement goals.

A study in Canada finds that the most common HR challenges experienced by employers are workload/work-life balance and employee stress. Yet less than one third of employers take any action to address these issues.

EXCELLENT EAP understands the potential risk to business in the light of these challenges and comprehensively addresses them.  



Excellent Care and Able Counseling Associates, Inc. a leading provider of psychological services, Disaster Management and Employee Assistance Programs to meet 21st century disaster needs,has opened the African regional office in Nairobi to meet Africa’s critical challenges standing in the way of the continent’s development progress.  Nairobi Centre for Critical Incident & Disaster Management & Training is introducing and ready to provide the first evidence based Drivers’ Intervention Program to reduce accident rate and improve road safety in the cities of Nairobi.  Africa’s high motor vehicle accidents are threatening the rapid economic gain and must be urgently addressed to boost the inflow of investment to maintain the rapid growth in the region. This program targets driving behavior of the motorist by implementing behavior modification methods to increase road safety reduce accidents, save finances and human loss. The US government has adapted this program and is mandatory requirement in all the states to increase safety on the US roads. 

Kenya: The Proposed Objectives of Drivers Intervention  Program:


1) Drivers to learn about laws, penalties, that relates to alcohol and drug use

2) Drivers Explore legal, financial and personal consequences of the arrest or possible arrest


3) Drivers to learn accurate information on alcohol and drug effect on the mind and the body

4) Drivers to learn how alcohol and drug affect behavior, mind, body, family and community

 5) Drivers to learn about the differences between addiction, abuse  and normal use

6) Drivers: Self-evaluation of substance use

7) The driver to explores the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behavior as it relates to impaired driving 

  8) The drivers to develop and implement a change plan to avoid future problems with alcohol

9) Psychosocial & diagnostic assessment and treatment referral for the impaired drivers

Major Disasters Training & Crisis Management Services


Able Counseling & Associates, Inc.in collaboration with AMERICAN ACADEMY OF EXPERTS IN TRAUMATIC STRESS AND THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT is a proud provider of a research based training and consultation program to meet disaster readiness and critical incident response services to meet the psychological needs of both large and small organization.

Our consultants are trained to equip businesses, institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies on critical incident and disaster readiness. Large and small organizations are empowered to manage or mitigate emergencies or disasters efficiently and effectively. Our consultants will also assist individuals or organizations manage response services during emergency deployment and after disaster, coordination with other agencies. Services are geared to mitigate critical stress constructively and efficiently before, during or after disaster. 

Our training employs the latest research and expertise. We train our clients on how to establish and run emergency operation centers efficiently. Critical Incident management training includes a thorough understanding of Incident Information Operations components as listed:

System Operations Coordination
Damage assessment coordination
Role of Red Cross and other responders
Coordination with hospitals, morgues
Transportation & telecommunication coordination
Pastoral/Spiritual care coordination  

Risk management coordination

      Psychological first aid/critical debriefing services coordination

      Assessment of disaster readiness (resources, assets, personnel, facilities)

The rates can be negotiated between the representative of the government or organization requesting the services and the ACA

Training topics available to consider for your organization include  the following:

      Stress management

      Anger management

      Decision making

      Drug and Alcohol Prevention

      Critical Incident Debriefing

      Violence prevention & Risk assessment coordination

      Children Behavior

      Anxiety and Depression


      Psychology of Wellness

      Effective Family

      Conflict management

      Psychology of Winning 




 Finance Director. Travel and accommodations will be paid by the host country or organization (outside Kenya). Nairobi Office phone: 0701863451 and International office contacts are: 216-291-8817 (phone) or 216-291-8827 (fax) or 216-337-5842 (24-hours) or via email at abel@able-counseling.com.


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